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2017 Rally School – Schedule and FAQ

  • Click here to get the 2017 Schedule of Events
  • The School is on Saturday, February 11th
  • The Rallycross is on Sunday, February 12th
  • You will need to provide your own vehicle
  • More details about the school are available
  • The class will be at the Rodeway Inn & Suites Heritage, Ridgecrest
  • Other lodging in the area is available
  • Participation is limited – so get signed up!
  • ONLINE ENTRY – Register here
  • A working lunch and buffet dinner is included!
  • Class includes a Full 2017 CRS Competitor Membership! ($30 value)
  • Hands-on time for both drivers and co-drivers!
  • Optional path includes Drivers, Co-Drivers, and Rallycross Drivers
  • Special “Rally” Room Rate at both the Rodeway Inn and Springhill Suites

The 2017 CRS Rally School!

The school will be on Saturday, February 11th,  and is headquartered at the Rodeway Inn & Suites Heritage in Ridgecrest CA. The Rodeway Inn has a special school rate of $73 (for a single or double with either a king or 2 queens), $81 for three people or $89 for four people, all plus tax. A hot breakfast buffet is included in the room price. Use the code “RAL 17” when making your reservation (760) 446-6543. The Rallycross will be on Sunday, February 12th!

There will be a limit of 20 for Rally Driver students, a limit of 20 for Rallycross Driver students and a limit of 16 for Rally Co-Driving students. If we reach a limit of paid students we will begin a waiting list for those who haven’t registered and paid yet. The order of the waiting list will be determined by the payment date. There will be a limit of 60 participants for the rallycross on Sunday. Don’t wait, get registered and paid now!
Click HERE to register for the CRS Rally School with!

Choosing your Focus Group

  • All Students get:
    • Performance Rally Overview
    • Beginning Driving I & II Talks
    • Basic Car Prep Talk
    • Team Management Talk
  • In Addition:
  • Rally Driving Group gets:
    • Basic Controls and Timing Talk
    • Control Walk Through
    • Basic Course Following and Safety Items Talk
    • In-Car Driving Practice – 2 ½ hours
  • Rallycross Driving Group gets:
    • Morning In-Car Driving Practice – 2 hours
    • Rallycross 101 Talk
    • Afternoon In-Car Driving Practice – 1 hour
  • Rally Co-Driving Group gets:
    • Basic Controls and Timing Talk
    • Control Walk Through
    • Basic Course Following and Safety Items Talk
    • In-Car Route Following & Notes Reading Practice
    • Advanced Co-Driving Talk

Registration begins at 7:30 AM at the Flight Deck room on the second floor and classroom sessions begin at 8:15 AM.

53 Rally School Participants, 93 Rallycross Competitors, 6 Runs, and 1 Rainstorm!

The CRS Rally School & Rallycross was a fantastic success this year! We’d like to thank those that participated and we can’t wait to see you out at the next rallycross, or on the stages! The rallycross results are up on right now – but are available here to download:


WANTED – A few good Co-Drivers!

img_20140920_141348606Of course the CRS Rally School is going to cover rally driving, but did you know it’s one of the most comprehensive rally co-driving schools in the country? Taught by national championship winning co-drivers (navigators). The school is going to get you up to speed with all the specific details and training you’ll need to become a successful rally co-driver.

You may not know what a ” ! L3<2- / Cr ” is, but YOU WILL after taking this school! Everything from Team Management to Stage Notes will be covered. While the drivers are off spinning in circles and figure eights, you will be practicing reading notes on real roads.

Often times there is no cheaper way of getting into the sport of performance rally than co-driving. Drivers typically pay for the car and the weekend, while co-drivers often get picked up at the airport and spend a weekend in one of the most exciting roller coaster rides you can get!

No need to have access to a vehicle for the school, the rally co-drivers will be in instructor vehicles for the breakout session. Don’t wait to sign up! The CRS Rally School only happens once a year!

Gorman Rally Announces A $100 Discount For Those Taking the Rally School

Interested in attending the 2015 CRS Rally School? Think you can have your new rally car buttoned up by this summer? The Gorman Rally has sweetened the pot by offering a $100 per car credit to those aspiring rallyists that take the school. Every Driver or Co-Driver that completes the 2015 CRS Rally School will receive a $100 discount on their entry to the 2015 Gorman Ridge Rally (limit one per car).

Picture: CRS Rally School Graduates, Driver David Moss & Co-Driver Mike McCanna on the Gorman Stages in 2014! 1st in CRS-2 and 3rd in overall 2WD

It’s the CRS Rally School, and you have to go!


What is it like to get sideways on dirt? How much prep do I have to do to my car? Where do I get a rally driver license? How do I use this rally computer? What is that language that rally co-drivers use? What are these time cards for? How should I practice left foot braking?

The CRS Rally School offers the answers to all of these questions and more! An intense 1 day with classroom and driving activities for future rally drivers, co-drivers, and rallycrossers. February 21st in Ridgecrest, CA! Get a car, grab your friends, and spend a weekend learning everything you need to know to get started and excel at performance rally! CLICK HERE TO GET SIGNED UP!


Give the gift of the CRS Rally School!

Fancy Gift BoxDo you know a friend or loved one that would LOVE to get a full day of instruction and training on the sport of performance stage rally? You can directly sign them up now, and a welcome email from us will be their surprise. The CRS Rally School is $140 and includes a free 2015 CRS Membership! Give both the School and the Rallycross on Sunday for $180.


Click below to download a printable PDF – and surprise them with RALLY SCHOOL!rally_school_gift

Mark your calendar! The 2015 CRS Rally School February 21st – 22nd

The California Rally SeriesWant to learn what it takes from top to bottom to compete in US stage rally? Countless champions have started in rally with the California Rally Series School. An all day event with classroom sessions and instructor led driving & co-driving. This school will be a foundation for everything you will do in rally. An incredible value that this year will include your 2015 CRS membership for only $140!

The school will be headquartered out of the Heritage Inn & Suites in Ridgecrest, California. The driving instruction and rallycross will be held at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds – the oldest rallycross venue in the country. A discounted rallycross entry will be offered to Rally School participants ($40).

Top California and national level drivers and co-drivers will be on hand to teach you the skills needed to master this challenging motorsport. From time cards to left foot braking, these techniques and concepts are essential. There is no one involved in the sport that will not benefit from this workshop.