The 2021 Rally School will begin on Tuesday March 2nd!

The California Rally Series is dedicated to helping new drivers and co-drivers get into this fantastic sport. Since 1997, the CRS has run a local rally school in Southern California where we combine classroom sessions with in-car training over the course of a weekend. Like many events during the pandemic, for 2021 we’re bringing our school online. While we’re disappointed to have to miss the in-person training, we’re excited to offer a program that will be accessible to more people for a lower cost than our usual training. We have reformatted our content to appeal to people who might be curious about how to get in to rally or rallycross, as well as experienced drivers and co-drivers who want to pick up some tips on how to improve their performance.

This year’s school will consist of six sessions held on consecutive Tuesdays evenings beginning March 2nd using Zoom as a virtual classroom. Classes will begin at 6pm Pacific Time and last for two to two and a half hours. Each session will feature two or three separate presentations, with plenty of time in between for question and answer sessions where students can interact with our experienced instructors.

Students may register at any time during the six week period, although it is recommended to start before the first session to get the most out of the learning experience. Instructors include regional and national level championship drivers and co-drivers.

Topics include:

  • How to get started in stage rally and rallycross
  • Basic and advanced rally driving techniques
  • How to prepare a car for stage rally (including what to look for when buying a prepared rally car)
  • Understanding controls and timing
  • Rally navigation from tulips to stage notes
  • Recce and writing your own notes
  • Advanced co-driving
  • Rally team management

Cost is $30 for CRS Members and $60 for non-members (which includes CRS membership, a $30 value for the 2020-21 season)

We look forward to returning to our usual in-person (and in-car) training in 2022.
Preliminary Schedule of Events

2 thoughts on “The 2021 Rally School will begin on Tuesday March 2nd!

  1. Will an archive of these sessions be available for those whose schedule conflicts with the live sessions?

    1. The answer is yes, they will be. Also, the course materials will be distributed to all students before each session.

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