Virtual Rally School

The 2021 CRS Rally School starts on Tuesday, March 2nd at 6PM
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2021 Preliminary Online Schedule
This year’s school will consist of six sessions held on consecutive Tuesdays evenings beginning March 2 using Zoom as a virtual classroom.  Classes will begin at 6pm Pacific Time and last for two to two and a half hours.  Each session will feature two or three separate presentations, with plenty of time in between for question and answer sessions where students can interact with our experienced instructors. 

Students may register at any time during the six week period, although it is recommended to start before the first session to get the most out of the learning experience.  Instructors include regional and national level championship drivers and co-drivers.

Topics include:

  • How to get started in stage rally and rallycross
  • Basic and advanced rally driving techniques
  • How to prepare a car for stage rally (including what to look for when buying a prepared rally car)
  • Understanding controls and timing
  • Rally navigation from tulips to stage notes
  • Recce and writing your own notes 
  • Advanced co-driving
  • Rally team management


Rally Team Management: How do we plan for our first rally? How much sleep is enough? What should we eat before the event? How do we plan service breaks? These and many more questions are covered in this nuts and bolts discussion and rally planning.

Co-Driving Workshop: Top Rally co-drivers teach the basics and advanced skills of navigation. Topics also include planning, preparation, and controlling your driver. Route instructions, timing cards, and control procedures are covered in detail. All the basics every co-driver should know will be covered. In-Car footage from actual competition vehicles will be used to illustrate different co-driver styles and techniques. A unique “in-door” rally course will be setup for teams to practice control operations.

Practice Stage Navigation: Teams will set out with experience Co-Drivers on several practice stages to work on navigation and co-driving skills in a “real world” environment. These sections will be on actual paved and dirt roads but at far below competition speed. Teams will pass through all types of controls and complete timing functions at each.

Rally Driving Workshop: Top national level drivers discuss the intricacies of rally driving. Each driver provides insight into there unique style of driving. Topics include: driving conditions; front wheel, rear wheel, and four wheel drive techniques; driving at night and in the dust; knowing your own pace; and much more.

Practice Driving: Drivers will have the opportunity to work closely with experienced drivers riding along. A safe practice area where drivers can work to develop their skill by repeatedly practicing the same corner over and over. New drivers can also ride with experienced drivers in their own vehicles or allow the experience driver to demonstrate in the students car.

Instructors and Discussion Leaders: Top California and National Drivers and Co-Drivers are lending their skill to present this school.