2 thoughts on “What a turnout! Here is our schedule of events.

  1. Concerned about condition of course and time if the easy possible 100 rally xers all show up. Driving lights? I drive a stock vehicle and am concerned with its damage possibilities. I know “slow down” but that is not the intent of the day. Congratulations on the Rally School and Rally X entries. I hope everyone has a fantastic time and continues on with the sport. See you Saturday

    1. Hey Lon,
      We’re going to have a nice solid 1 minute long course, we’re going to reverse the direction after 3 runs, and we’re very cognizant of our street cars taking the rally cross for the first time.

      If you’re reading this and you’re going to this record braking rallycross – we MUST start on time! Be there by 8:30AM!
      – Kris

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